What's your passion...draw, paint, dance or sing!

Hello, So glad you stopped by,


   I love sharing my recent works. I'm so excited when a painting is completed and ready to be displayed at an art exhibit or now on my very own website.  This is a dream come true for me to be able to find a venue to tell people around the world to start sketching, drawing or painting.  I hear from so many people "Oh I can't draw a straight line" well you don't have to (at least not very often.)  Come now get out a piece of paper and look at something across the room and notice that it has different shapes you can make out in that item your looking at..You may see a triangle, a square, some ovals and they all get connected to form what ever subject your sketching. So drop me a line and let me know if you tried to sketch and it came out better than you thought.  I would love to see a pic of your first piece!!  Now don't be afraid to try....It's only paper and you have a wastebasket....so why not......you never know what hidden talent you have. Hope to hear from you soon, Bette


Just a quick bio:  I'm native of Manchester, CT. now a retired Aerospace Electronics Worker.  Started painting in 1973, after my mom passed away. Life got busy with my beautiful young children Tami and Glen .  My husband made me a basement art studio in 1974 and I would go down there for hours after the children were fast a sleep. Hubby wondering if I would ever ever surface to hang out with him!!   I really got hooked on painting but never really felt like a true artist until  I entered and won at the Pasco Arts Council Art Exhibit and won for "Best of Show"  and "Best in Category of Painting" all in one night. This was a few years ago, the award was for my painting "Kept Secret".  I won 2 cash awards that night!  I was totally shocked!Since 2004 I have belonged to the West Pasco Art Guild. 2012 I became a member at the Progress Energy Art Gallery both in New Port Richey, FL .  It is the happiest place to create and share so much laughter and sometimes actually get some painting done. Life is so so good! I have received Third Place, Merit Award, Honorable Mentions ribbons on many  other paintings.  2012 I won Third Place in the Pasco EcoFest for my "Tiffany Palms" watercolor painting on foil.  Now I'm "Happily Retired" and still "Happily Married" living in Paradise. (West Coast of FLA)  plus I'm a  proud grandmother of my handsome Brian 24, he is a Corrections Officer for the State of Georgia, Elizabeth 20 and has given me a beautiful great grand baby Madalyn Grace, little "Maddie", I'm proud to say Elizabeth is an OSSR in the Navy (USS Abraham Lincoln) and Hunter near 13, he is an awesome kid, he's now doing Pop Warner football, so watch out Patriots.  I have now started teaching polymer clay bead making...my students are so excited at the end of the night being able to see the beautiful created bracelets, necklaces and earrings the can make using their own creativity!!  Will post pics soon. 

Enjoy your day, let's go and create!  Bette  

P.S. I'll be waiting to hear from you about those sketches you just finished!